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Computer, Audio Video and Networking Cables, Extenders, Adapters, Switches and more

The reputation of our networking and computer parts and accessories isn't only based on the quality and the broad range of products, but also on the level of service offered. Many of our cables are offered in Standard, Premium and Gold Plated selections, and carry extended or lifetime warranties. With a very large diversity of connectivity products, ranging from simple adapters to sophisticated KVM switches for the Enterprise markets, we can be a valuable source to Corporations, Government, Education and Home End Users..


Audio Adapters
Displayport Mini Adapters
Displayport Adapters
DVI Mini Adapters
DVI Adapters
HDMI 90 Degrees Adapters
HDMI Micro Adapters
HDMI Mini Adapters
HDMI Adapters
iPhone- iPod- iPad Guitar Adapters
iPhone- iPod- iPad Adapters
Mobile to TV Active MHL to HDMI Adapters
Projector Wireless VGA Adapters
PS2 Adapters
SATA SAS Adapters
SATA Slimline Adapters
Serial Adapters
Smartphone Adapters
Toslink 360 Degrees Adapters
Travel Adapters
USB 2.0 to Audio Pro Adapters
USB 2.0 to DVI Adapters
USB 2.0 to HDMI Adapters
USB 2.0 to VGA Adapters
USB 2.0 Adapters
USB 3.0 to SATA III Adapters
USB 3.0 Adapters
USB to HDMI Adapters
UTP- STP Adapters
Video Adapters
XLR Adapters


Cat5E Couplers
Cat6 Couplers
Cat6a Couplers
Displayport Couplers
Fiber Optic Couplers
HDMI Couplers
RJ10 Couplers
RJ11 RJ12 Couplers
SPDIF Couplers
Toslink Couplers
USB 2.0 Couplers

Port Doublers UTP- STP
Port Savers HDMI
Keystone HDMI
15HD Port Savers


DVI Converters
Fiber Optic Converters
HDMI Converters
IDE Converters
SATA Converters
Toslink Converters
USB to Audio Converters
VGA to TV Converters

Cat6a, Cat6, Cat5E and Fiber Optic Cables

Cat6a LS0H Cables
Cat6 FTP Snagless Cables
Cat6 FTP Cables
Cat6 LS0H Snagless Cables
Cat6 SFTP PIMF Cables
Cat6 UTP Snagless Cables
Cat6 UTP Cables
Cat5 Retractable Cables
Cat5E FTP Crossover Cables
Cat5E FTP Snagless Cables
Cat5E FTP Cables
Cat5E UTP Crossover Cables
Cat5E UTP Snagless Cables
Cat5E UTP Cables
Fiber Optic 50/125 Cables
Fiber Optic 62.5/125 Cables

Patch Panels

Cat6 Patch Panels
Cat6a Patch Panels

Bulk Cable

Bulk Cat5E Cable
Bulk Cat6 Cable
Bulk RJ11 Cable

VGA, HDMI, DVI and Displayport Cables

VGA Cables
SVGA Cables
BNC Video Cables
HDMI Active Long Cables
HDMI Flat Cables
HDMI High Speed Cables
HDMI In Wall System Cables
HDMI Micro with Ethernet Cables
HDMI Mini Cables
HDMI Premium Gold Cables
HDMI Premium Cables
HDMI to DVI Premium Gold Cables
HDMI to DVI Cables
HDMI with Ethernet Cromo Cables
HDMI with Ethernet Premium Gold Cables
HDMI Cables
Connector Locks HDMI
Extractors HDMI to Audio
DVI Super Long Cables
DVI Cables
Displayport Mini Cables
Displayport to DVI Cables
Displayport to HDMI Cables
Displayport to VGA Cables
Displayport Cables

USB and Firewire Cables

USB 2.0 Box of 50 Cables
USB 2.0 Mini Cromo Cables
USB 2.0 Premium Gold Cables
USB 2.0 Pro Cables
USB 2.0 Retractable Cables
USB 2.0 to Mini 90 Degrees Cables
USB 2.0 to Mini Dual Power Cables
USB 2.0 to Mini Cables
USB 2.0 Transparent Cables
USB 2.0 Cables
USB 3.0 Cables
USB 3.0 Cromo Cables
USB 3.0 Micro Cromo Cables
USB 3.0 Pro Cables
USB 3.0 Retractable Cables
USB 3.0 to Micro Pro Cables
USB 3.0 to Micro Cables
USB 3.0 Cables
USB Micro 90 Degrees Cables
USB Micro OTG Cables
USB Micro Cables
USB OTG Transparent Cables
USB Premium Gold Cables
Firewire 800 Cables Premium Transparent Cables
Firewire 800 Cables Premium Cables
Firewire 800 Cables
Firewire Retractable Cables

Audio, Guitar and Instrument Cables

Toslink, SPDIF Premium Gold Cables
Toslink, SPDIF Cables
Travel Cables
XLR Cables
XLR Mini Cables
Midi USB Cables
Midi Cables
Audio Premium Gold Cables
Audio Cables
Guitar Cables USB Cables
Guitar Cables

SATA Cables, SAS Cables and more

SATA Micro Cables
SATA Slimline Cables
SATA SAS Back Plane Modules
SCSI Cables
PS2 Cables
Printer Cables
Serial Cables



Extenders- Switches HDMI over Cat5e Cat6 Extenders
Extenders- Switches HDMI over Fiber Optic Extenders
Repeaters HDMI Extenders
Audio Extenders
Centronics Extenders
Displayport Extenders
DVI over Cat6a Extenders
DVI over Fiber Extenders
DVI Super Long Extenders
DVI Extenders
Firewire 800 Active Extenders
Firewire Active Extenders
Firewire over Cat5 Extenders
HDMI over Cat6 Pro Extenders
HDMI Extenders
KVM Pro Extenders
Midi Extenders
Monitor Extenders
Projector Wireless VGA Pro Extenders
PS2 Extenders
SATA Micro Extenders
SATA SAS Extenders
SATA Slimline Extenders
Serial Extenders
USB 2.0 Active Pro Extenders
USB 2.0 Active Slimline Extenders
USB 2.0 Extenders
USB 3.0 Active Extenders
USB 3.0 Pro Extenders
USB 3.0 Extenders
VGA Extenders
Video over Cat5 Cat5E Cat6 Extenders


Firewire 800 Hubs
Firewire Hubs
USB 2.0 + Firewire Hubs
USB 2.0 Active Pro Hubs
USB 2.0 Pro Hubs
USB 2.0 Hubs
USB 3.0 Hubs


Displayport Splitters
DVI Mini Splitters
DVI Splitters
HDMI Splitters
Toslink Splitters
VGA Pro Splitters
VGA Splitters


Displayport Switches
DVI Switches
HDMI Switches
KVM Pro Switches
KVM Switches
Network Switches
Toslink Switches
USB 2.0 Switches
USB 3.0 Switches

Cabling Tools and Testers

Cabling Tools and Testers


Accessories - Computer Music...

Computer Accessories - Stands- Coolers- LCD Arms...
Flash Drives USB 2.0
Earphones- Microphones- Headphones Active
Earphones- Microphones- Headphones
Barcode Scanners
Mice & Keyboards
Microphone Accessories
Music Instrument Stands

Card Readers

USB 2.0 + Firewire Card Readers
USB 2.0 Pro Card Readers
USB 2.0 Card Readers
USB 2.0 Smart Card Readers
USB 3.0 Card Readers

iPhone, iPod and iPad Accessories

iPhone, iPod, iPad Cables
iPhone, iPod, iPad Accessories




Docking USB 2.0 DVI
Docking USB 2.0
Docking USB 3.0
USB 2.0 Drive Enclosures
USB 3.0 Drive Enclosures

Computer Cards

Computer Cards Firewire 800
Computer Cards USB 2.0 + Firewire
Computer Cards USB 2.0
Computer Cards USB 3.0

Computer Security

Computer Security USB Lock
Computer Security USB Port Blockers
Computer Security Cables





Our computer products are manufactured to our specifications in Europe, America and the Middle & Far East. We offer innovative and reliable computer products, being developed on an on-going basis and submitted to regular quality checks. Thanks to our strict purchasing policy which we have been following for decades, we have firm control over production, quality and prices of our products.

Please browse our products to buy online networking and computer parts and accessories, or contact us for a product catalog, custom cables, custom electronics or a quick quote for volume discounts/ quantity orders

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